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The Daily Express, Malaysia 17/6/2020

Saving Sabah's sun bears via a book.

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Noosa Today 10/6/2020

Author's advice: Do what you do well.

Saving Sun Bears book launch

The global launch includes interviews with the author, the hero and the publisher. (Begins at 14 mins).

Sarah interviews Wong about biodiversity in Borneo

Author's advice: Do what you do well.

Chapter 14: Bongkud's story

Natalie faces her chance at freedom, and Wong prepares for an emotional goodbye.

Chapter 14: Bongkud's story

Climate change is effecting rain forest weather. In this excerpt, Bongkud suffers from the results.

Chapter 17: Sarah's wildlife adventure

Never in her wildest dreams did Sarah imagine she would be standing at a mud volcano a few metres from a cage as Wong released the trap door.